Nutritional Therapy:

What is it?

Nutritional Medicine is a dynamic health care system focusing on the whole person. Public interest in nutrition has never been higher due to concerns including increased rates of obesity, cancer and heart disease.

There is much ongoing research to show how food and diet can influence our health. It is a form of therapy that uses food, supplementary nutrients and cleansing procedures to alleviate or help prevent chronic health problems. It aims to address the root causes of poor health and not just deal with the symptoms. Conventional medicine treats the symptoms with antibiotics, painkillers etc which does not address the cause.

Whilst anyone can tinker with diet, the ability to apply Nutritional Medicine to health effectively, calls for well developed professional skills - it is more than just healthy eating.

Good nutrition can help us be healthy in an unhealthy environment, fight off disease, optimise health and wellbeing, improve energy and enthusiasm for life.


The aim of Nutritional Medicine is to help restore health and vitality, produce a reduction in symptoms and halt the progressions of disease and poor health. This will help bring the body closer to its natural balance. Treatment will often involve detoxification programmes, changes to eating habits and supplements of vitamins, minerals and other appropriate supplements.

The programme will be matched to your individual needs.

Nutritionl Medicine can help with a wide range of conditions which can encompass an extermely wide range of chronic conditions, including most diseases and a vast array of symptoms which can be physical, mental or emotional.