Nutritional Therapy:


quote I sought Nutritional help after watching TV programmes about how healthy eating can make an enormous difference to your life and health. At the time my skin was troublesome with frequent eruptions of spots and blemishes. I was tired all the time and lacked energy. I also battled with my weight and this resulted in depression and low mood. I contacted Anne and after six weeks of following the programme and retraining my eating habits and taking supplements I began to feel much better physically and mentally, plus my skin improved dramatically. I have also lost a stone in weight. My new way of eating has become a way of life. quote
Alison, Edinburgh
quote I found Nutritional Therapy very beneficial. Detoxing, eating fresh and whole foods has given me more energy, I feel less bloated and my sinus problems have improved immensely. Once I was organised and had all the correct food and ingredients it was easy to prepare meals and freeze the extra portions to use when time was limited. I thank Anne for her support, help and advice and would have no hesitation in recommending her. quote
Marlen, Linlithgow
quote I would say that I have never felt so good in myself for a long time. I find that any colds I get vanish in days. I have lost more than two stone in weight and my bloating and fluid retention has greatly reduced as have my PMT symptoms. I also think that feeding good food to my son helped him achieve better than expected results in his Standard Grades. I am very glad I phoned Anne when I saw her advertisment. quote
Heather, Linlithgow
quote I went to see Anne as my health problems had not been helped by conventional medicine - I was some what sceptical initially, although tried to keep an open mind, however that was soon unfounded. I had improvements in all four areas Anne concentrated on, especially IBS and chronic constipation in which I had suffered from for 25 years. I would highly recommend Nutritional Medicine in general and Anne in particular as she was very client friendly, approachable and focused. quote
Kim, Falkirk