Nutritional Therapy:

Do I need supplements?

Changing your diet alone and your ways of eating can have a profoud effect on your health and wellbeing. However it is a myth today that a balanced diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need..

  • Intensive farming methods can leave the soil lacking in minerals.
  • Food processing affects nutrient levels.
  • There is an increased need for nutrients due to modern living.
  • Food from abroad - travel time and storage will reduce nutrients.

Government RDA (Recommended daily allowance) levels are relatively low and are only intended to prevent common diseases which are associated with severe deficiencies such as Vitamin C deficiency and scurvey. These levels do not promote optimal functioning in an individual.

Nutritional supplements can help the body heal, repair and offer protection for the future. In nutritional medicine the addition of supplements can make changes and healing happen quicker. When we are ill or under stress our bodies use up vast amounts of nutrients so we need extra for a period of time to keep up with demand.

People all have different nutritional needs, for example:

  • People who have had long term illness
  • People under stress
  • Athletes and those who exercise excessively
  • Pregnant women and children
  • Men
  • Those needing support for specific body systems i.e. adrenal glands, thyroid gland, immune system.

Examples of supplements used are vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics, digestive aids and herbal extracts to support dietary and lifestyle changes.

I use the highest quality supplements formulated specifically for use by Nutritional practioners.